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29 Items An Italian Woman Would 100% Buy From Nordstrom Leave a comment


Though I don’t have an ounce of Italian blood in my body, I’ve always been allured by the country, from its architecture and food to, of course, its signature fashion. For all of these reasons and more, I try to visit the country as often as I possibly can (I just traveled to both Milan and the Emilia Romagna region last week) and stay up to date with its residents’ current tastes via the street-style Instagram account @milanesiamilano, giving me a fair understanding of what the chicest people who live there are eyeing, buying, and wearing in 2023. 

Because I spend so much time studying Italian style (not to mention cars—I’m personally a Ferrari fan though I wouldn’t say no to an adorable Fiat—coffee, recipes, and more), I often find myself noticing pieces during my everyday scrolls that I think would feel right at home in the country, be it a billowy, cotton midi skirt or a superbly tailored blazer. And since much of my market research is done at Nordstrom, a store that sadly hasn’t broken into the Italian market, I decided that I’d spend my day scouring the entirety of the retailer and picking out items that I believe an Italian woman would buy if it were to open up shop on Milan, Rome, or Florence. See which pieces fit the bill below. 


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