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A Black-Owned Ride Share App Is Bridging The Gap Left Open By Striking Uber And Lyft Drivers Leave a comment


Ride share has become a hallmark to our culture, but the disruptive industry is being, well, disrupted and it’s affecting its large consumer base. Fortunately, a Black-owned company is aiming to help passengers move get to their destinations.

Quik Carry, a ride-hailing app that focuses on transportation solutions for customers in the southern U.S. region, particularly Atlanta, Ga and South Florida, recognizes the golden opportunity they have to position themselves as a reliable ride share option as costs continues for leading contenders Ubers and Lyft.

“Drivers are the ultimate beneficiaries of utilizing an innovative business model,” a statement from Quik Carry said per a news release obtained by Black Enterprise. “During their first month of driving, they receive a remarkable 100% of their earnings, while subsequent rides provide them with an ongoing 50% share, making Quik Carry the most profitable option for drivers in the market.”

According to reports, ride share drivers and passengers are becoming more disgruntled as Uber and Lyft fees fares continue to rise, yet wages are stagnant.

“It would be a disaster especially if you’re visiting {Atlanta},” Felicia Slater said in an 11Alive report. “That’s one of the top services you’ll need if you’re trying to get from point A to point B.”

The outlet also pointed out that passengers recognize that Uber’s policies have more built-in provision for customers and not nearly enough for drivers.

“I got to the pickup, (and) he was upset and cursing me out because I had mistaken another man,” an interviewee shared to 11 Alive regarding an incident with an unhappy passenger.

Another person shared how hard it was to continue working as a ride share driver as they contend with rising living costs.

“I do not have enough money to put gas in the car at the end of the day,” Muhammad said. “If I need maintenance I don’t have money to buy a tire.”


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