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A Former Bodyguard Launched A Rideshare App That Provides Armed Protection For Riders Leave a comment


In its policy, Uber prohibits possessing firearms of any kind in vehicles operated by its drivers. Uber says those who violate the rule could be banned from the platform. 

Black Wolf CEO Kerry KingBrown, a former A-list agent, is providing a solution for those who who carry guns and need transportation. After working clients like Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and then as an Executive Protection Driver for a U.S. Congressman,

Social media users recently found out about the app and its popularity skyrocketed.

“This company is like Uber or Lyft” Lawrence Jones III said in a post. “But the people driving the cars are armed. It’s cool. It’s like man on fire.” The app not only provides driving service but also hires drivers that are certified in CPR.

High profile public figures, attorneys, judges and politicians are among the app’s most popular clientele but its also widely available to anyone in the Atlanta metro area.

It’s unsurprising that the app has been wildly successful almost instantly.

Research shows that as of 2022, more than 14 million Uber trips are taking place every day or roughly 5 billion trips per year. This comes as inflation is forcing people to either drive less or give up their cars altogether.


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