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Amandla Stenberg Is The Face Of Calvin Klein’s Pride Campaign “Let It Out” Leave a comment


Calvin Klein/Karim Sadli

Joy is the one thing that keeps the world moving. Throughout history, the LGBTQIA+ community has faced incredibly difficult and discouraging adversity where it felt like there was a slim chance of living with acceptance. However, because of the joyful nature of the LGBTQIA+ community, who were able to protest, organize, and help uplift one another, they’ve overcome mountainous obstacles. Calvin Klein’s newest campaign, entitled “Let It Out,” recognizes that joy and is celebrating the “collective euphoria at the heart of the LGBTQIA+ community.” Who better to be one of the stars than Amandla Stenberg, an actor who has shown up for the community countless times through their words and actions?

Amandla Stenberg Is The Face Of Calvin Klein’s Pride Campaign “Let It Out”
Calvin Klein/Karim Sadli

The “This Is Love” collection features warm tones of the rainbow on undergarments and accessories that you can express pride with a flash of a waistband. These pieces are fluid and can be styled with anything, by anyone, at any time. The campaign features a video of Amandla expressing what it means to “Let It Out” by showing their most authentic self and embracing their sensuality, which in turn, brings them joy. “My body is the strongest it’s ever been right now. It has been a journey to accept its fortitude and endless generosity in the face of many things in my life that could have broken it. I love the trunks and new hills of muscle. I am so proud to be healthy,” she reflected with ESSENCE.

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The rest of the collection features new mesh fabrications across the brand’s Modern Cotton Underwear line, while the brand’s apparel can be mixed and matched with bold graphics displaying the text, “This Is Love.”

In celebration of Pride Month this year, Calvin Klein is supporting the LGBTQIA+ community through partnership with nonprofits and committing over $220,000 to nonprofits such as PFLAG National, ILGA World, and Transgender Law Center, while Calvin Klein Australia and the PVH Foundation donated $55,000 USD to BlaQ Aboriginal Corporation. The resources of these organizations are used to provide the brand’s associates empowerment to be better advocates and allies. In support of the ILGA World and Transgender Law Center, two limited-edition t-shirts were designed featuring the phrases “Empower Each Other” and “Show Up For Trans Youth.” As we know, the trans community (especially BIPOC trans persons) is constantly under attack with intense scrutiny by the government, and they need all the support we can give. The t-shirts were made to reflect the brand’s support towards these organizations that are dedicated to LGBTQIA+ advocacy, equity, and safety.

Amandla Stenberg Is The Face Of Calvin Klein’s Pride Campaign “Let It Out”
Calvin Klein/Karim Sadli

The collection and campaign are now live on calvinklein.com with prices range from $18 to $140. The Let It Out campaign visuals will be on their site, digital platform, and high-impact outdoor placements with the iconic CK logo and campaign slogan in a rainbow gradation to reflect the full spectrum of Pride. You’ll get to see Amandla Stenberg’s joy throughout Pride Month, and remember the reason we celebrate.


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