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BLK Dating App Celebrates Black Single Fathers With An Empowering Campaign For Father’s Day Leave a comment



Who doesn’t love a meaningful card? Everyone does, but Dads deserve to receive sweet messages, especially on Father’s Day. BLK, the world’s largest dating and lifestyle app for the Black community, is launched its new Father’s Day campaign, “BLK DAD ENERGY.” This innovative initiative honors and empowers Black single fathers by providing them with a dedicated digital hub, expert advice through video series, invaluable resources, and exclusive digital Father’s Day cards.

“The ‘BLK DAD ENERGY’ campaign puts a unique spin on the popular #BDE term and exemplifies our commitment to celebrating and empowering Black single fathers who play an instrumental role in shaping the lives of their children,” said Jonathan Kirkland, Head of Brand and Marketing for BLK. 

Kirkland continued, “By providing a comprehensive digital hub, expert advice, and exclusive Father’s Day cards, we aim to uplift and strengthen the bonds between Black single fathers and their children, fostering love, understanding, and resilience within our community.”

At the heart of the “BLK DAD ENERGY” campaign lies BLKDadEnergy.com, a comprehensive digital hub serving as the epicenter for Black single fathers. BLKDadEnergy.com encompasses several engaging and supportive sections, including:

Dad Vibes: With a clever and captivating introduction, the “Dad Vibes” section sets the tone for the digital center. It emphasizes the celebration of Black fatherhood and highlights the unwavering support available within the BLK community.

Girl Dads: In the “Girl Dads” section, fathers can access insights from Marissa Nelson, BLK’s esteemed Relationship & Intimacy Expert. This section offers practical advice and strategies for navigating crucial milestones in their daughters’ lives. Topics covered include guidance on handling their daughters’ first boyfriends, discussing the onset of menstruation, addressing the concept of virginity, and fostering healthy self-esteem.

Dating Dads: The “Dating Dads” segment showcases heartwarming videos that exemplify real-life examples of Black love. It beautifully portrays the relationships that can be formed within the BLK community, showcasing its strength and unity.

Digital Dad Day Cards: The “Dad Day Cards” section exclusively hosts digital Father’s Day cards to honor fathers on their special day. These heartfelt cards are created by Davian Chester, a talented Black cartoonist, and illustrator. They convey messages of appreciation, support, and recognition for the unique experiences of Black single fathers.

BLK Dating App Celebrates Black Single Fathers With An Empowering Campaign For Father’s Day

The “Dad Toolbox” section offers a wealth of resources and tools to support fathers on their journey further. Curated downloadable guides, suggested reading materials, online communities, and other valuable resources empower Black single fathers with the necessary knowledge and insights. This section equips fathers to engage in meaningful conversations, nurture their children’s self-esteem, and build strong relationships rooted in love, respect, and understanding.

In addition to the digital hub, BLK’s relationship expert Marissa Nelson will be featured in an enlightening video series. Each video addresses critical topics that Black single fathers often encounter, providing practical tips, strategies, and advice. From handling their daughter’s first boyfriend and discussing her first menstrual cycle to addressing the concept of virginity and providing general support for young Black women through affirmations and self-esteem building, these videos equip fathers with the tools they need to navigate these important milestones successfully. The series will also touch on hair care tips, ensuring fathers can confidently guide their daughters through diverse aspects of their lives.

“Being a part of the ‘BLK DAD ENERGY’ campaign is an incredible opportunity to uplift and empower Black single fathers on their parenting journey,” said Marissa Nelson, BLK’s Relationship & Intimacy Expert. 

Nelson added, “Through this campaign, we aim to provide practical advice, heartfelt support, and a sense of community as fathers navigate the beautiful complexities of raising their daughters. Together, let’s celebrate the power of fatherhood, embrace important conversations, and inspire a future generation of strong, confident Black women.”

To explore the digital hub, access the video series, download valuable resources, and discover exclusive Father’s Day cards, visit BLKDadEnergy.com.


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