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Brandy’s Daughter Sy’Rai Just Turned 21 And Celebrated On A Private Jet Thanks To Her Uncle Ray J Leave a comment


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Celebrity kids have a funny way of reminding us that we’re getting old and this time around it’s Brandy’s daughter, Sy’Rai Smith, doing the reminding! The Grammy-winning star, 44, took time out from being a vocal bible to pay tribute to her baby girl via Instagram. 

“Happy 21st Birthday to my angel @syraismith ♥️,” she wrote. “I’m so thankful to God for you and so blessed that you ARE. I love and adore you soooooo much more than I can ever express. You’ve made me so proud of you and the woman you are becoming. Continue to be a light and the beautiful soul you are born to be. My baby forever no matter how old you get. Everybody help me wish my favorite girl in the world a happy birthday. Love, Mama”

The emotional note accompanied a collage of images of Smith over the years. The birthday girl joined in on the love fest and replied to her mom in the comment section. 

“I love you mama with everything in me ❤️ thank you for bringing life to me and so much love, best mommy i could ask for 😘😘😘😘😘”

The young girl turned woman grew up in the spotlight, but Brandy has done a good job of retaining a level of privacy for her little one. She has mostly received positive press over the years, especially after being open about her transformative weight loss efforts. She is following along in her mom’s footsteps and has been honest about her journey and how she adopted lifestyle changes because she was experiencing several health challenges.

She has also been in the media over the years for covering hot songs her mom wrote and performed like “Almost Doesn’t Count” and “The Boy Is Mine” on TikTok. Covers aside, Smith is working towards creating an identity outside of her mother as an artist. She released her first single, “On My Own,” earlier this year. 

Her birthday couldn’t pass without Ray J, 42, wishing her well in only the way he can. For those who don’t know, the “One Wish” artist is Brandy’s biological brother, making Smith his niece. The crooner celebrated her big 21st by putting her in a private jet. She thanked him and her aunt, TV personality Princess Love, for making it happen.

“EVERYBODY WISH MY NIECE A HAPPY 21st BDAY!!! @syraismith — PRIVATE JET ON THE RUNWAY FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!!! Have a GREAT TIME!!! In LAS VEGAS!!! IM STILL IN MIAMI!! But i will be with you 2mrw!!!! ❤️❤️❤️,” he wrote in a caption under a video of him wishing her a happy birthday. 

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A great time was indeed had.


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