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Edas, founded by Philly-born designer Sade Mims, is a leather goods brand that has garnered attention in the fashion world for its exceptional craftsmanship and bold yet minimalist aesthetic. With her vision and talent, Mims has created a brand that effortlessly blends classic elegance with contemporary design, making it a steadily growing brand. Mims’ passion for leatherworking and a keen eye for detail is evident in every piece she creates. Each item is meticulously crafted with the highest quality materials, from handbags and belts to jewelry and small leather goods. She got her start just selling at markets and on the streets of New York and now has a studio and prominent names wearing her designs. 

What sets Edas apart is its commitment to sustainability. Mims prioritizes using ethically sourced and environmentally friendly materials, ensuring that the brand’s impact on the planet is minimal. This dedication to sustainability aligns with the growing demand for conscious fashion choices, making Edas a brand that resonates with socially and environmentally conscious consumers.

The design aesthetic of Edas can be described as understated elegance. Clean lines, subtle textures, and thoughtful details characterize the pieces. The color palette ranges from neutral tones to bold pops of color, offering options for those seeking timeless classics or statement pieces. Whether a structured leather bag with a unique closure or a delicate gold necklace, Edas’s accessories effortlessly elevate any outfit.

Sade Mims’ personal journey as a creative entrepreneur is intertwined with the story of Edas. Born and raised in Philly, Mims’ fashion and fine arts background laid the foundation for her venture into leather goods. Her passion for crafting beautiful and functional accessories led her to create Edas in 2015. Since then, the brand has gained a loyal following and has been featured everywhere with several collaborations with notable designers.

Sade Mims and Edas embody a spirit of empowerment and self-expression. The brand encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness and make a statement through everyday choices. Mims seeks to empower and inspire others to embrace their individuality and confidently express themselves through her designs..

In a world saturated with fast fashion and mass-produced accessories, Edas stands out as a brand that values quality, sustainability, and self-expression. Mims’ passion for craftsmanship, her dedication to sustainability, and the brand’s timeless aesthetic make Edas an irresistible force in the fashion world — one here to stay. Longevity is everything in fashion, and Edas has that.


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