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Doing The Lord’s Work: A Black Woman Used AI To Create A Filter For Straight Parting While Braiding Leave a comment


God bless Black women in tech.

If you’ve ever struggled with created a perfect part when braiding, particularly in the middle of your head, you are in luck. A TikTok user that goes by the name Krysanthum used AI to create a filter as a guide for symmetrical parting.

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“Do you struggle with you middle part? Well, obviously me too,” she said in a TikTok video posted to her account explaining her process in creating the filter. “So, I made a filter and I tried it out on my brother. And it worked.”

In the video, she demonstrated how she used graphics software to perfect the filter, which gauges how straight the parting is with the help of alerts. It draws an imaginary line in the place the middle part should be.

“Just follow the line and hopefully this will help us have the middlest part ever, Amen.”

The filter is clearly needed, as the post garnered more than 200k likes and even led to some people to more than 33k people to use or share it in videos.

Article continues after video.

“This filter is so clutch,” wrote TikTok user Dann_Renee, who’d seemingly used it to style her own hair in small knotless braids. Her post raked in nearly 400k likes.

Krysanthum has shared she is working on researching the patent process and will even look into developing an app.

Will you be using it?


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