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Dr. Steven Williams Becomes First Black Man To Lead The American Society Of Plastic Surgery Leave a comment


The field of plastic surgery is being led into a more inclusive direction.

Dr. Steven Williams was recently appointed as the first African-American physician to claim this position in the organization’s 92-year history. He shared the achievement on  Instagram and how he want to help “patients achieve their aesthetic goals and enhance their confidence.”

“As president-elect of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, I’m deeply committed to making information about plastic surgery more accessible,” he said in the post’s captions. “By educating more patients, I believe that we can work together to make safe, informed decisions and achieve the best possible results for everyone.”

Williams served as an active board member for more than 15 years and served as Vice President of Membership within the organization before moving to organization’s top spot.

“Presidency of ASPS is a pinnacle career achievement,” says Dr. Williams. “When you look at who has occupied that role you see the legends of plastic surgery, the people who have brought the biggest innovation, the biggest change, the biggest growth, the people that are most passionate about plastic surgery. For me personally, it’s an achievement to be the first African American person to be president at ASPS. It’s an incredible sense of honor, duty and pride. I’m really standing on the shoulders of people who came before me.”


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