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Exclusive: Steph Curry Announces ‘I Am Extraordinary’ — A Picture Book To Help Children Overcome Self-Doubt Leave a comment


Steph Curry continues to promote self-acceptance on and off the court.

His new children’s picture book I Am Extraordinary, the follow-up to 2022’s I Have A Superpower, follows the journey of a little girl named Mila with an adorable afro and a spunky spirit as she learns to believe in herself.

Mila is apprehensive about trying out for her school’s soccer team because she is self-conscious about wearing hearing aids. With the help of her friends (seen in the background of the cover), she learns the meaning of what it takes to be extraordinary and embraces the extraordinary inside of herself.

Geneva Bowers illustrated the project’s cheerful cover. The Hugo Award-winning artist behind the Planettes and Weapon Fairies series has also worked on projects with Netflix, Prime Video, and Dreamworks Animation. She illustrated the cover for I Have A Superpower, as well.

Exclusive: Steph Curry Announces ‘I Am Extraordinary’ — A Picture Book To Help Children Overcome Self-Doubt

I Am Extraordinary is the second Penguin title from Unanimous Publishing, a subsidiary of Unanimous Media, the multimedia company Curry co-founded with Film Producer Erick Peyton in 2018.

“This picture book has been a true collaboration between the two of us and our team, and we are so excited to share it with the readers,” Curry said in a statement to ESSENCE.

The father of three wanted to tell a story depicting persistence’s importance.

“In I Am Extraordinary, the main character, Mila, has to overcome her insecurities and doubts, on and off the field, in order to become a better player no matter what obstacles lay ahead. With this book, we hope to show children, parents, and readers everywhere that with hard work, self-acceptance, and perseverance, any dream is possible,” he continued.

“It’s our collective goal to get children everywhere to realize and believe in their unique superpowers,” said Francesco Sedita, President and Publisher of Penguin Workshop.

Peyton expressed excitement about the project’s theme as well. “We’re proud to introduce I Am Extraordinary to the world, encouraging young readers that no matter what hills they need to overcome, they are capable of great things,” he said. “With this story, we hope to continue to inspire and instill the confidence that they can achieve anything they put their mind to.”

I Am Extraordinary will arrive in bookstores on March 12, 2024. You can pre-order the book here.


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