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Honeymoon Essentials: Here’s Everything You Should Pack And Things You Shouldn’t Leave a comment



You and your partner just finished hopping the broom and eating cake after saying your vows of everlasting love; now it’s time to celebrate your nuptials and new life together, with just you two on a dreamy escape for your honeymoon trip, as it’s a marker of a new life for you both. Although planning for your honeymoon can be exciting, the amount of prep work and planning can be overwhelming and daunting, especially in determining what you need to pack. To help ease your mind, we compiled an extensive list of items you should pack and ones you should consider leaving at home. See below! 

Essentials you should pack: These items are important to bring if you’re doing an international or domestic vacation. 

Driver’s license or a form of identification

Passport (if you’re traveling abroad)

Converter or adapter (if your trip is out of the country)

Chargers (for your laptop, phone, or camera)

A portable charger 

Cash (for tipping service employees at hotels or around town) 

Several paper copies of important documents: passport, ID, credit cards, travel itinerary, health insurance, travel insurance, and prescriptions

Paper and electronic copies of your hotel booking confirmation 

Paper and electronic copies of phone numbers of your doctor, credit card, health insurance, and loved ones. 

Something sexy (You probably want to become intimate with your mate more than once during the trip, so bring some lingerie or sexy toys to spice things up in the bedroom.)

Organizational packing cubes: Now that you’re packing for two, staying organized is best. To achieve optimal organization, purchase a set of organizational packing cubes to accommodate your and your partner’s needs regarding clothing and additional travel items. 

Enough clothing for a week or two: This list includes 8-10 pairs of underwear, 1-2 pairs of jeans, several dressy clothing items (dresses, suits, heels, button-downed shirts, and close-toed shoes), t-shirts, sneakers, sandals, flip flops, bathing suits, a light sweater or jacket, loungewear, and sunglasses. 

A dairy to journal your experience

Several small* gifts for your partner 


Backpack or beach bag for adventures

Sunblock and sunburn treatment

Insect repellent



Travel packs of tissues

Pain reliever

Cold medication

Anti-diarrhea medication

Anti-nausea medication

Hand sanitizer

Small flashlight

Things to leave at home: 

Expensive jewelry, including your wedding ring: Although you may still be excited about the rock on your finger, it’s probably best to keep your wedding ring and band at home, as you don’t want it to be damaged or, worse, lost or stolen. This goes with other expensive jewelry as well. 

Laptop: It’s time to shut off work and unplug. Leave your laptop at home, and enjoy your partner to the fullest. It’s time to celebrate, rest, and enjoy each other’s company without distractions. 

Sentimental items, including wedding gifts: We know that you are slowly coming down from the high of your wedding, but you should leave any sentimental items like wedding gifts at home to enjoy them later. This includes your wedding certificate, we all know that you’re married now. 


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