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More Than Half Of Employers Are Choosing To Believe AI Will Create New Jobs Instead Of Just Killing Them Leave a comment


Many workers fear AI will take away their jobs but their bosses think the opposite.

A new report from IT resourcing company Experis found that a majority of employers they spoke with are optimistic that emerging tech won’t eliminate workers, but will actually create more roles

“The integration of AI, machine learning, VR/AR, and other emerging technologies is rapidly transforming industries and driving the need for an adaptable workforce,” said Experis Senior Vice President Ger Doyle in a statement. “We are seeing companies embrace these new technologies with many seeking to hire or upskill existing talent to take advantage of potential productivity gains. Smart employers know that embracing digitization and nurturing human talent will enhance their readiness to succeed in this era of rapid technological advancement.”

78% of IT organizations have previously reported difficulty finding talent that can perform the tasks they need completed. According to the data, 58% of employers think AI will bridge this gap.

“So far, the signs are no different from what we have seen with earlier versions of AI or tech innovation. Generative AI can be expected to mostly automate tasks and skills within jobs rather than entire jobs. We should relish the opportunity to outsource these mundane tasks – freeing up our time for more creative and intellectually sophisticated endeavors,” ManpowerGroup Chief Innovation Officer Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic said. “This isn’t about us versus AI or humans versus machines. Instead, it’s about how we can leverage these tools to augment and upgrade our uniquely human skills and lead a more human-centric life.”


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