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Nearly A Quarter Of Employees Said They Are Currently Working For The Worst Boss They’ve Ever Had Leave a comment


Dealing with a difficult is something most of us will have to face at one point in our careers. Unfortunately, there’s a large number of workers that are going through it as we speak.

According to a June 13 report from employee insights company Perceptyx, 24% of those surveyed said they are working for the worst manager they’ve ever had.

The top complaints they had for their supervisors was that they were “unresponsive” “incompetent” (46%), “unsupportive” (46%), “disrespectful” (28%) and “unfair” (27%).

“The words that we see cited most often — supportive, trustworthy, and caring, as well as their opposites when we ask about bad bosses — show that people want to be able to connect with managers as humans rather than the relationships being transactional,” Emily Killham, director of research and insight at Perceptyx, said in a statement.

She continued: ” Managers should make sure employees feel supported with reliable, timely, and complete communication — particularly when an employee asks for feedback. This is especially important during a time when layoff news is creating more anxiety in the workforce in general. Employees want better communication and more support from managers, and managers and employees alike are telling us they would like more training to provide that support.”


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