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Phaedra Parks Bought Son Ayden An Investment Property For His 13th Birthday: ‘He Wanted A Dirt Bike’ Leave a comment


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Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Phaedra Parks, 49, has been out of the mix and thriving since her departure from the show in 2017. Her kids are also doing well and even becoming property owners thanks to their mom.

Parks’ oldest son, Ayden, just turned 13, officially making him a teenager. She decided to celebrate in a big way. The #boymom of two had a grand party for her firstborn and the theme was carnival. Parks told The Messenger that it was “almost like a little royal coronation.”

“Of course he’s 13 now, so he’s entering true adolescence,” Parks said of Ayden during her chat with the publication. “But I tried to really do a lot of elements from the first birthday party.”

The attorney and mom has a track record of throwing lavish parties for her kids. When Ayden turned one, she threw him a birthday party that had 12 cakes, one for each month leading up to his first birthday. 

The 13th birthday party in question was put together by celebrity planner Tori Williams and had 120 guests. The event included a trumpet player, stilt walkers, fire dancers, bubbling mocktails for the kiddos, carnival games, food trucks with delicacies you could find at a fair, and a photo booth. 

“During COVID, you really couldn’t have parties like that because it wasn’t safe,” the attorney added. “So now that the world’s opened back up, I just wanted him to have a huge blowout party.”

Not only did Ayden get a party to remember, he also received a gift that will keep giving for his birthday. 

“I gave him a piece of investment property, because he loves investments and money,” Parks said. “He wanted a dirt bike, [but I thought], ‘Let me get you something that you won’t kill yourself [on]. Let me get you something that’s going to be useful.’”

The mother of two plans on rehabbing the property with her son and said she’s “super excited” about that. 

Parks had Ayden with her ex-husband Apollo Nida whom she was married to between 2009 and 2017. They also share a second child, Dylan, who turned 10 in May. All the early RHOA fans likely remember her pregnancy with Ayden as she was carrying him while on the show.

“Time is flying,” she said. “So, as a parent you’re always looking at them as the newborn baby you brought home from the hospital. But in actuality, he’s quite the young man.”


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