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I was the little girl who daydreamed about her wedding day. But when the imaginary faceless man waiting for me at the end of the aisle became a beautiful woman, I realized that I had a lot to rethink. Weddings are tied to a long history of tradition, steeped in an extremely heteronormative binary. And as a queer person who has heard time and time again (and oftentimes not with the kindest of intentions) that my lifestyle is “alternative” (aka, explicitly not traditional), wading into the waters of wedding planning can be an emotionally loaded and complicated process. That’s because literally every moment of a wedding is entrenched in these binaries, which can feel uncomfortable for a queer person that doesn’t feel like they fit into them. If you’re in a queer couple that doesn’t adhere to these preconceived roles, reimagining your wedding from the ground up is a lot to take on.

An unexpectedly gendered part of weddings is the dress. A search for “lesbian wedding dresses” returns woefully little, most of it for effortlessly cool brides who want nontraditional wedding dress options, such as ones with color or short lengths. But for someone who still wants to feel bridal on their wedding day without cosplaying a straight girl, none of that feels right to me. That’s why I’ve put together some options for those of you who have started to search for a queer wedding outfit and don’t see yourself in the search results. Finding a wedding dress is hard enough without the added pressure of wondering if it reflects your gender and sexual identity. So, whether you’re masc, femme, non-binary, or something else entirely, your wedding day should be a celebration of queer love and joy — and, most importantly, it should feel like you.

Tl;dr: you can wear whatever the hell you want to your wedding, queer or not. But think of this as a jumping-off spot for inspiration. Keep reading to see some of our favorite queer wedding outfits, including: wedding jumpsuits, dresses of all textures/colors/cuts, suits, and accessories to inspire your perfect queer wedding outfit.


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