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Ray J Has A Message For The Men Who Were In Princess Love’s DMs Before They Reconciled Leave a comment


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Artist Ray J, 42, and Princess Love, 38, have had a very rocky relationship since they got together in 2014–almost a decade ago. The two are back on good terms and Ray J wants the world to know he’s working to keep it that way. 

During the BET Awards this past weekend, the Love And Hip Hop stars presented an award for best new artist when Ray J decided to address their relationship. 

“Before we get into the winners, the best new artists — love wins. I love you baby,” the “Sexy Can I” performer told Love on stage. “I’m listening. I’m trying to compromise.”

If you recall, the two filed for divorce three times over the past couple of years. The most recent occurrence was when Ray filed in October 2021. However, the divorce has since been dismissed. 

“I’m never gonna let you go,” he added. He also took a moment to address all the interested bachelors who have swarmed Love’s DMs while they were trying to figure things out. 

“And to all you fly guys out there that’s been in my wife’s DMs when we wasn’t together — I see you, and I just wanna let you know she’s mine. She’s mine,” he said. 

The married couple share two kids together in their son Epik Ray, 3, and daughter Melody Love, 4.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the awards, the couple did a deeper dive into why they decided to stay together. The “One Wish” singer attributed much of their current happiness to rekindling their friendship by “us just becoming best friends and doing things that she loves to do that I love to do and just hanging in there.”

The dad of two continued, “She’s my best buddy, I’m her best buddy. And all the friends and everybody we had around, they gotta get out of our bubble. I think once we start locking in like that it just became super fun, you know?”

Princess Love also contributed her two cents to the conversation about how their relationship was able to turn around for the better. “I feel like there were a lot of people who were against us, and, I mean, even some of the world is against us,” she said. “But we have to just shut everybody out and focus on us, and our family.”

As for the nature of their past relationship issues, she has accused the singer and entrepreneur of leaving her stranded in Las Vegas at one point. She’s also accused him of cheating in the past. Despite their relationship issues and Ray J filing for divorce on the last occasion, in March, she did tell TMZ she was open to reconciliation and now, here they are loved up again. 

“For me, it’s just compromising a lot more and listening and trying to understand how we can make it right, and what I can do to be better too,” Ray J shared. “I mean, when you’re looking at the edge and it’s about to be over for real, this is a sure thing, it changes the whole scope of things. And I’m happy we stuck in there.”


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