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Report: Black Creators Deliver More Media Value Than All Other Racial Groups Leave a comment


A new report from Nielsen and media company ‘Group Black’ confirmed what we’ve always known: Black creators drive popular culture.

The Black Creator Impact Report analyzed insights comparing Black creator reach and influence to their non-black counterparts, across various social media platforms including Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and Twitter. The result? Black creators outperformed all other groups in terms of follower growth, follower interaction and media value. Despite this, Black creators are notoriously under paid and overlooked compared to white creators.

“For too long Black creators haven’t had access to the same opportunities as their non-Black counterparts due to the myth that they were unable to deliver the same ROI as other creators in the industry, ” says Kerel Cooper, President of Advertising at Group Black in a statement. “With our Black Creator Impact Report, we are delivering concrete proof of the opposite. Black creators have the ability to deliver exponential growth for brands—now brands must provide the opportunities.”

The report took a deep into media value metrics in fashion, lifestyle and gaming and found that Black creators in the lifestyle category performed 10.5 times better than their non-Black counterparts, 6.7 times better in  gaming and eSports, and 1.6 times better in fashion according to a news release.

“Black America influences both content and brand engagement as consumers of media and creators of trends,” says Charlene Polite Corley, VP, Diverse Insights and Partnerships at Nielsen. “By investing in Black influencers, brands can amplify their authentic voices—driving deeper engagement with Black communities and other consumers who follow their lead.”


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