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Summer Walker Tells Critics She Can Have As Many Babies As She Wants Leave a comment


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Summer Walker wants people to stay out of her vagina.

The Neighborhood Talk recently posted an image of the mom of three posted up with rapper Yung Miami. People assumed correctly that she would be the next guest on the star’s podcast Caresha Please. In the comments on the post, people had off-topic questions about Walker’s personal life. 

“’How many n****s you gone let get you pregnant?’” one commenter wrote, pretending to ask a question that the host might ask, as she’s not one to hold back. But Walker isn’t one to hold back either. She responded to the query saying if she wants to have more children, she most certainly will.

“As many as I want. Rich people can do what they want cause they can AFFORD it. Stop countin my pu–y,” Walker, 26, replied in the comment section.

Walker sometimes gets criticism from people for having kids with different fathers (two) and “moving too quickly” in her relationships. She had her first child, Bubbles, with producer London on da Track in March 2021. More recently, she was blessed with twins whose names and faces are yet to be shared on Beyoncé’s internet. The twins came from a previous relationship with her ex-boyfriend, a rapper named Larry. 

“I’m so proud of myself. I’m so proud of myself,” she wrote in a caption about her birthing experience after giving birth in January. “Just sharing to inspire other women ’cause I know once you carry twins to almost 42 weeks with (one breech), people will try and steer you towards induction or c-section (which there’s nothing wrong with these. I just didn’t want it for myself).”

She announced her breakup from Larry towards the end of her pregnancy. They dated for around a year before splitting but were said to have been in each other’s lives for some time. 

“I’ve decided to be single, it’s no hard feelings, “ she said in an Instagram post announcing their breakup. “Larry is an amazing father there’s just certain things I won’t tolerate, but we’re super duper happy to have all our children & we just living life.”

The Billboard Music award-winning singer is now dating BMF star Lil Meech, also known as Demetrius Flenory Jr. He just appeared as the love interest in her music video for the song “Pull Up.”


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