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‘The Behavior And Inappropriateness Just Never Stopped’: Drew Sidora On When She Knew Her Marriage Was Over Leave a comment


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While actress and singer Drew Sidora and husband Ralph Pittman decided to officially move forward with a divorce earlier this year, avid watchers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta know their marriage was on a downward spiral for some time. 

In a new interview, she shared when she knew she reached the end of the road in their relationship. 

“Well everything in the petition I obviously stand by and it was just a culmination of things that should not happen in a marriage,” she said. “And I think the inability to own it, the inability to apologize, the inability to work through it, the inability to care about my emotional state and wanting to work and heal that, was very challenging.”

Sidora says the specific series of events that led her to throw in the towel was when their marital issues began playing out on camera. She said she felt “embarrassment on top of what we were dealing with behind closed doors.”

One of the most memorable moments that played out on TV between Sidora and Pittman was his mysterious three-day trip to Tampa. Pittman left without telling Sidora where he was and would never tell her what he did while there when she asked. 

“[It was] definitely the breaking point and enough is enough,” she said of her marital issues being on display. “And I didn’t see that coming. Of course I was forever, but it was like [there was] nothing else left for me to hold onto because the behavior and inappropriateness just never stopped. It was just too much.”

Drew filed for divorce in March stating that their union was “irrevocably broken.” She also accused her ex of being a “serial cheater and adulterer” who abused her mentally, financially and was “physically aggressive.” An hour later, Pittman also filed for divorce and released a statement about the end of their eight-year marriage. The Step Up actress is still hoping they can have an amicable divorce.

“I’m hoping for a great co-parenting partner. I’m hoping for us to come out of this and be able to be friends and be respectful,” she said. “I’m hoping for my kids to be happy and just to really see what life has for me on the other side of all this. It’s hard to imagine right now, but I would love to just be completely whole moving forward.”

The former couple married in 2014 and share two kids—son Machai, 8, and daughter Aniya, 2. Sidora also has a 12-year-old son named Josiah from a previous relationship.


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