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The Best Liquid Highlighters To Get Your Hands On ASAP Leave a comment


Admittedly, I was late to the party when highlighters spiked in popularity. High school-aged Maya was still struggling to perfect the right base using my holy trinity of products (foundation, powder, and a swipe of concealer where needed), before commencing my makeup drawer glow-up. By college, dewy and glowy skin became a look I gravitated towards; and so eventually I began taking stock of the products in my limited collection.

That process, of course, brought me to the sudden sudden conclusion, like so many makeup lovers before me, that highlighter would be my hero products for years to come. Now, fast forward with me to today: I’m a beauty editor who dedicates hours of my day to understanding what makes my industry tick: taking note of the products that exceed my personal standards and make me reconsider what I need the most from my makeup.


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