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The Most Gorgeous Clothing and Shoes From J.Crew Leave a comment


J.Crew is where it’s at—period. With Olympia Gayot (pictured above) at the helm, the collections over the last few seasons have been nothing short of, well, flawless. As a result, the WWW editors (myself included) have been wearing and covering the standout pieces on the regular. Given the appeal, it also seems everyone else in my life has been wearing J.Crew more and more recently. My mother has a feathered blouse she received last winter that she basically can’t stop wearing. 

To provide shopping inspiration for you (and my friends and family—hey there!), I scrolled through the recent offering to pull out my favorite pieces. I specifically noted items that essentially made me whisper “gorgeous” to myself as I went through the site. Below, you’ll uncover beautiful dresses, chic jewelry selects, forward blouses, and so much more.

Keep scrolling to check out the best new items from J.Crew.


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