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Tyrese Rented A Ferris Wheel And Turned His Backyard Into A Nightclub To Celebrate His Daughter’s Sweet 16 Leave a comment


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One thing about singer Tyrese Gibson–he doesn’t play about his kids. His eldest daughter, Shayla, just turned 16 (we are gasping too) and he went all out for his princess. 

“Sorry the list is CLOSED! Shayla’s sweet 16 is about to be legendary,” the singer captioned a video. In it, he was standing next to a ferris wheel that was planted in his front yard.

He then posted a series of videos on Instagram of a lively party in his backyard, which he turned into a nightclub. Shayla wore shades and a letterman’s jacket and was all dolled up as a celebrant should be.

“When you have a nightclub in your backyard shiiiit hit different!!!!!! Sierra Canyon whois squad is HEAVY in the yard……. #ShaylaSweet16 is not to be played with….” he captioned a video of the party where Shayla’s friends were dancing and having a ball as he moved through the crowd. 

Quincy Brown and the Combs twins—Jessie and D’Lila—also pulled up to the party to celebrate with Shayla. The girls are all students at the well known school Sierra Canyon. His Fast and Furious co-star Vin Diesel also stopped by, as well as radio personality Big Boy.

The Baby Boy star doesn’t hold back when it comes to celebrating his firstborn. When Shayla graduated from middle school last May, he bought her a Rolls-Royce. He also hired a truck to display special moments between father and daughter to make his presence felt since he couldn’t physically attend the ceremony.  

“I feel horrible as a father that I missed this one of a kind moment but it’s very very clear that my daughter felt all that love that I arranged from London. Thank you Momma Norma for being there,” he wrote. “Funny that you’re in my country and I’m in yours lol congratulations to our angel SHAYLA [ Princess ] Gibson you did it baby you have made daddy sooooooo proud!!!!!”

It’s nice to see the father and daughter bonding and celebrating this recent milestone, especially considering what they’ve gone through in the past. 

Tyrese and Shayla’s mother, his ex-wife Norma Mitchell, had a very public custody battle, which led to the singer not being able to see his daughter for a period of time. The custody battle began when Mitchell accused him of using abusive disciplining methods with Shayla. Eventually the judge ruled on shared custody and it seems they’ve been able to co-parent offline, and positively, since. 

Happy 16th birthday to Shayla and yes, we are officially getting old, folks. 


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