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We’re Swooning Over This Gabrielle Union Netflix Romcom Leave a comment


How Good Is It? A rom-com can really only be as good as its leads, and this is Gabrielle Union in a role I’ve been waiting for her to play. We’ve seen Union do a lot of things on screen. She’s been the two-faced mean girl ruling a cliche high school hierarchy (10 Things I Hate About You), the cheerleading antagonist who’s so talented you can’t help but root for her (Bring It On), a shew, uptight workaholic who falls for a player against her better judgement (Deliver Us From Eva), a badass baby sister who’d do anything for her big brother (Bad Boys II), and a high-powered news anchor who seemingly has it all (Being Mary Jane), just to name a few. Each of these roles are different, but they have one thing in common: these women have to be hard as hell to survive in their environments, like so many Black women do. Sure, their tough exterior is sometimes penetrated once you get deeper into their storylines, but rarely do we get to see Union be soft on screen. That’s part of why The Perfect Find is so good. Decades into her career, Union gets to let her guard down and just be silly and sweet onscreen. Jenna is a capable, intelligent fashionista, but she’s also just a bird in love who falls for the wrong guy (one way younger than her) and her softness isn’t seen as something she needs to shake off or suppress. It’s at the core of who she is. 


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