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4 Destinations Your Favorite Jet Setters Can’t Stay Away From Leave a comment


Colby Holiday

With 195 countries to explore, it’s a big world out there. As a society with limited time and money for adventures, it’s understandable that many people would want to see as much of the world as possible. We create lists of countries we want to see, plan a trip to check one destination off the list, then move on to the next. If you scroll through social media, you’ll find tons of commentary from travelers about how repeating destinations wastes time and money. Been there, done that is the sentiment, and according to many people, there’s too much to see to waste resources on revisiting a place where you’ve already seen the must-see sights and recreated the viral photo or video trend.

But how much do you know about a country after visiting just once? How much can you claim to love a place when you’ve only gone once and only visited one city’s tourist attractions? If you fall in love with a destination on the first visit, what’s wrong about visiting several times to learn and fall in love with it some more? As a self-proclaimed repeat queen, I advocate for multiple visits to destinations that bring you joy. I’ve personally visited Spain nearly every two years since I first went at 12 years old, and each time I find a new neighborhood, city, or food to love. Even when visiting the same city in Spain over and over (*waves at Madrid*), I find new adventures because, much like people, cities too evolve, so it’s never the same experience twice.

I knew I couldn’t be alone in this feeling, so I contacted some of my favorite travel influencers to find out what destinations they’ve started a repeat love affair with and why they can’t seem to stay away. Perhaps they will inspire some of you to become repeat queens too.

“I could visit South Africa every month for the rest of my life and never tire. It is true what they say; it is like the whole world in one country. Where else can you get mountains, beautiful beaches, world-class cities with international cuisine, wineries, and the best safaris? Over ten years visiting consecutively, and I am definitely in love forever.”

“Maybe it’s the Texas girl in me, but I never tire of visiting Mexico, and Oaxaca City specifically lives rent-free in my memory’s museum. Oaxaca is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse state in Mexico, and this diversity can be seen in everything from the food, to the fashion, to the varieties of homegrown Mezcal. Art galleries, historic churches, artisanal chocolate, finely crafted textiles, and many of Mexico’s most noteworthy restaurants await a visit to Oaxaca City.”

“Mexico is where I called home for three and a half years and where my partner, Khaliah, and I did the first year and a half of our relationship, long distance. So, it will always have a special place in our hearts and a place that we repeat. More specifically, we love Los Cabos. We’ve traveled there both independently and as a couple for its luxe beach getaway vibes, delicious cuisines, and the ability to do everything or nothing (usually the latter) depending on our mood.”

“A repeat destination that I love is Sao Paulo. To be clear, it’s not a pretty city at all due to so many design influences happening at one time. But it is so full of LIFE, like New York to Rio’s Los Angeles. The birthplace of hip hop in Brazil, it’s a great hub for cool museums, amazing street art, design studios, restaurants, and live shows. And you can escape to sleepy beach towns on the east side like Itanhaém if you know some locals.”


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