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All The Top Quiet Luxury Items Our Editor’s Recommend Leave a comment


It can be hard to know which trends have staying power, and what is just tomorrow’s forgotten TikTok aesthetic. But we have a feeling “quiet luxury” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The term itself might be new, but the style it describes is anything but. Well-made investment pieces that lack bold logos and colors have always been around, but recent forces in pop culture (and a whole lot of social media commentary) have made them undeniably buzzy. The popularity of HBO’s Succession, alongside celebs sporting more tailored, minimalist ‘fits rather than label-heavy apparel, has led to the “stealth wealth” look going mainstream again. Fashion enthusiasts worldwide are now giving it their own spin, either via the opulence of a timeless investment piece or a really convincing dupe. (Now that’s the real stealth wealth).


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