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Black Queer Fashion Creatives You Should Follow Leave a comment



It’s officially Pride Month. And while corporations tend to commodify the month, we wanted to hold space to celebrate Black queer creatives & influencers impacting the fashion industry. Black queer creatives/influencers are a vibrant and powerful force on the internet, and following them throughout the year rather than just supporting them for one month is so necessary. Queer people, especially Black queer people, have shaped culture and fashion in more ways than one can count. Beyonce’s Renaissance, for instance, is heavily influenced by Ballroom culture and house music, which Black queer DJs created. Right now, it’s more critical than ever to support LGBTQIA+ folx as their human rights are being debated daily, and violence towards them increases daily with little to no media coverage. Black queer people possess a unique intersectional perspective essential for their visual storytelling in promoting diversity and inclusivity and challenging societal norms. 

Black queer creatives and influencers in fashion, and adjacent spaces, bring so much to the table. From representation, breaking binary fashion norms, and creating online communities and spaces for queer folx, they inspire others to embrace their authentic selves through their content while looking incredibly stylish. Their unapologetic representation encourages us to strengthen our identities and build a sense of belonging. These Black queer influencers serve (literally and figuratively) as powerful role models, especially for young people navigating their identities. By sharing their personal journeys, they give hope and guidance, showing us that overcoming obstacles and thriving in a world that can be hostile towards marginalized communities is possible.

Below are some of the most stylish and inspiring Black queer creatives you should be following.

Aaron Philip




Ericka Hart


Jalil Johnson

Peyton Dix




Toni Renee


Enam Asiama


Eric Hart Jr.


Jari Jones



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