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Though it’s definitely true that by rubbing yourself for a solid 10 minutes, you’re sure to feel some kind of arousal, oil or not. I found that taking the time to alleviate myself of any pressure and just enjoy the sensations as they came was an extremely helpful experience. By eliminating the pressure of feeling good, it turns out, I was more easily able to feel good. Plus, I was also extremely calmed by the spicy cinnamon-nutmeg scent, which threw me back to a cozy fall day and relaxed my overactive brain.

Story also recommends trying to play with the positions you masturbate in, explaining that each one has its own benefit. I took her advice and tried masturbating on my stomach for the first time in a while. I found this position extremely helpful for easy clitoral stimulation, more like a grinding, and the new position also helped me get out of my head and focus on the bodily sensations caused by the oil, which ultimately led to an extremely satisfying orgasm. Sexologists, they really do have the best tips.


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