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Build-A-Bag: You Can Design Your Own Luggage This Travel Season Leave a comment



Anyone who has ever had to buy a piece of luggage knows that it’s an investment not for the weak. The days of buying cheap but sturdy (enough) sets packed together like Russian stacking dolls at now-defunct department stores are long gone. Nowadays, you have to be prepared to spend some serious coinage (think starting at $150+) on a bag that will go the distance, literally. With that in mind, why not invest in one that’s exactly in line with your personal style and tastes?

The brand Roam, co-founded in 2019 by one of the men behind well-known luggage company Tumi, is all about offering customizable premium baggage. And while the idea of customizing luggage sounds like an unnecessary thing, I’d beg to differ. If you’ve ever waited at the baggage claim for a piece of luggage that looks exactly like the piece a few other people are waiting on (let me guess, dark blue hard body — to avoid visible scratches and marks — with black accents right?), then you know there is value in getting something that is distinctly your own.

It’s also just nice. You can choose from an array of shades, from Kyoto Black to Ibiza Sky, Toledo Red and many more, and mix and match them all on the case. And it’s not just the outside of the luggage that can be customized. Small details, including the handles, wheels, the divider inside the bag, the lining and even the small square in the back where you can include your monogram, can be made to your liking.

But as mentioned, it’s a true investment. The smallest customizable carry-on is $550 while the largest expandable option is $625. Check-in bags range from $595 to $695. But, the brand touts the fact that they assemble each and every “case” by hand here in the U.S. and utilize top-notch materials. Roam is also the only brand that lets you design your own baggage in this way, so there’s that. However, there is ready-made baggage available starting at $150 if you aren’t interested in investing too, too much.

I designed my own bag and felt like a kid in a candy store. I picked some pink wheels here, a green shell there, and splashes of orange to give some extra pop. I knew what I’d created on the computer, but I didn’t know what I would see when the case finally made it to my door. The end result is indeed a beauty. The pink lining gives the bag an extra kick of personality, and it looks so shiny and well built, I’m tempted to keep it in the specialized bag it comes in to keep it safe from harm (read: being thrown with reckless abandon by a baggage handler). But alas, I have big plans for it during this busy travel season. It will carry my dresses and sets to ESSENCE Festival of Culture (presented by Coca Cola) and tote plenty of toys, diapers, snacks and, oh a few of my clothes, for a family getaway later this summer. I look forward to wheeling it through the airport, likely to gather the attention of travelers who may have thought their only option was a piece of luggage in one shade or print or fabric when the sky’s truly the limit.


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