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Carrie Bradshaw Has The Best It Girl Style Leave a comment


Those outfit formulas are all straight out of Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. And as New York-based It girls, just like Bradshaw, people like Hadid and Lyons are also a product of their city, according to costume designer Danny Santiago. “I think for the women in New York there’s so many possibilities to fashion and it’s all at your fingertips in New York City,” he says. “You walk down a street and there’ll be something new that you never knew about.” Even 25 years after Sex and the City, as the city continues to evolve, it still breeds a kind of cool girl fashion DNA, thanks to its boutiques, thrift shops, and even street vendors. It all makes me think of Emma Rodelius, the founder of New York’s It downtown store Rogue, whose community-based approach to fashion and retail, partnering with little-known designers in the city and creative themed sale events, has made her an It girl in her own right. Her style — a mix of vintage Fendi Baguette bags and worn out jeans — reflects the city’s gritty and vibrant energy. 


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