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Occupation: Database Administrator
Industry: Nonprofit
Age: 26
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Salary: $80,631
Net Worth: $38,669.56 (HYSA: $22,497.85, savings account: $5,020.81, checking account: $8,713.35, 403(b): $15,248.49, Qapital App savings: $1,242.76, car: $5,819 (I’ve had my car since I was 19, it’s paid off and this is how much Mint says it’s worth), minus debt).
Debt: Student Loans: $19,872.70 (I also currently have $1,193.16 on credit cards, but I pay this off each month).
Paycheck Amount (Biweekly): $2,093.33
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,330 (I live in a one-bedroom by myself, rent includes water).
Student Loans: $0 (payments paused, but I’m hoping to eventually have my student loans forgiven via the PSLF program).
Steaming Services: $44.38
Amazon Prime: $14.99
Cell Phone: $160 (I pay for our family plan, the bill is technically $205 but I get a $45 stipend from work for cell phone costs).
Wi-Fi: $56.19
Apple Care: $11.97
Qapital Savings App: $3
Compost: $18
Peloton: $46.64 (currently paused).
Quip Toothbrush Head: $9 (quarterly).
Gym Membership: $12.49
Donations: $50
Electric Bill: $60-$70
Savings: $400
Medical FSA: $80
403(b) Contribution: $312 (matched by work).
Health/Vision/Dental Insurance: $0 (fully covered by work).
Car Insurance: my parents pay for my car insurance since I pay for our family cell phone bill.

Renters Insurance: $125


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