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Made with Shine’s same water- and pH-balanced formula, Heat is a surefire (pun intended) hit. Using a small concentration of capsaicin (extract from chili peppers that give your tongue that spicy tingling feeling), Heat increases blood flow to your vulva, resulting in a warm sensation that encourages arousal. Unlike most other intimacy oils, Heat is safe to use with condoms, both internally and externally, because it is a water-based lubricant.

The lubricant, which just launched yesterday, only has one review to its name at the moment, but the 5-star rave speaks for itself. “Honestly, this was the first time either me or my partner had tried a warming lubricant and we weren’t sure what to expect,” the reviewer says. “We both really liked it! It takes a couple of minutes to feel, but it is really different from their organic lube which we also use and love. Definitely recommend starting slow and figuring out how much works for you, because we each felt it differently. Another great product from Maude!”


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