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Hayley Williams’s Hair Routine Is Cool And Minimal Leave a comment


As a kid, I always thought I needed less conditioner and less moisture. I’m learning now in my 30s that even if I’m breaking out, or if my hair’s oily, it doesn’t matter: moisture, moisture, moisture, moisture. Brian’s been trying to tell me this for 10 years. I’ll also do an oil and a scalp serum — I’m not brand-loyal yet because I know I’m waiting on us to create one, so I skip around. I’ve tried all the trendy TikTok ones. Brian put my partner, Taylor [York], on to Pattern Beauty because he’s a curly girl.  When I run out of my shit, I will straight up use his thick-ass conditioner in my hair, and I fucking love it, it’s great. I love the smell. It’s the only hair product that I’ll really use besides our own stuff, and it’s awesome. Tracee Ellis Ross is also a bit of a hero, and I just am obsessed with her face and her voice and everything about her.


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