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How The “Hot Oil” Manicure Became A TikTok Nail Trend Leave a comment


Unlike other manicures, this one doesn’t require expert precision when it comes to painting, because there isn’t any polish involved at all. If you can’t make it to the salon, it’s easy to recreate the technique at home yourself. Better still, you probably already have the ingredients — like hand cream and cuticle oil — in your medicine cabinet. It’s basically nail slugging: Simply use a soft buffer tool to polish a thick, heavy cream all around the nail bed and finish with a slathering of vitamin E-infused oil. At home, it’s best to skip the heat — you’ll still get the benefits. If you’re so inclined to get the spa vibe, throw on a pair of gloves or use a warm towel. Either way, you’re on your way to healthier, shinier nails.


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