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As far as SUVs go, you might look at the 2023 Lincoln Corsair and think, seriously? It’s not a behemoth of a vehicle like the full-size Navigator, or even a mid-size like the Aviator or Nautilus. Yes, it’s a compact SUV, but it still packs a big performance and makes an even bigger impression.

“What kind of Lincoln is that?” asked my sisters, my best friend and her husband as I tested the vehicle out during a recent visit with loved ones in Texas. “It’s called a Corsair” I replied each time, nodding as though I had something, anything to do with the creation of the vehicle, which they all admired upon watching me pull up in it.

But to answer their question, and likely your own, the Corsair is a luxury compact SUV that’s been compared to the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLC and the BMW X3. However, it stands out in its own way. There’s a formidable grille, a sleek while also lightly chiseled design, a standard 2.0L turbocharged I-4 engine and, depending what model you get (like the Reserve), jeweled LED headlamps and leather-trimmed seating. It certainly grabs your attention.

But it’s the smaller details that made me a fan. It’s compact, but can fit five passengers (not too tiny, eh?) with front row seats that have heating and cooling functions and rear seats that have the option of being heated as well. An extra perk for those driving or in the passenger seat (no scrubs in this vehicle!), the seats offer massages through Lincoln’s popular Perfect Position Seating feature. Talk about self-care! There are panoramic views from the roof to ensure your movements are covered as you back out of tight parking spaces, as well as a hands-free liftgate to aid you in getting your luggage or groceries in the car.

Lincoln’s Smallest SUV Is My Newest Car Crush
Corsair preproduction model shown with available features. Available early 2023.

Even smaller details I appreciated include the wireless charging pad up front for your phone; the impressive 14-speaker system from Revel, which made every mini road trip I took to meet up with my people like a mini concert; and the cargo area, or trunk space, was big enough to carry my hefty luggage (I traveled for the first time with my youngest child, so I had to pack a bit of everything of course), and you can get more room if you lower the rear seatbacks, which is helpful.

The infotainment system has everything you need, but the steering wheel also allows you to control some things from it in order to keep your eyes on the road as much as possible when on the go. BlueCruise (formerly ActiveGlide) also allows you to get some assistance during long stretches on the highway when you’re fed up with holding on to the wheel if you’re one of those people who clings onto it for dear life. And additional small features that make the car extra cozy include auto-dimming and heated side view mirrors that have power folding abilities, real wood in the interior trim (dependent on the particular model), windshield wipers that can sense rain, and a heated steering wheel.

When it comes to what matters most, overall, the Corsair drives very smoothly. It’s a comfortable ride wherever you’re seated, but especially for the lucky driver (who might need a back massage after wrangling a sleepy infant). The Standard model starts at a more affordable price than the luxury brand’s competitors, so while it’s certainly an investment, it’s not one that’s outside the box and exorbitant. And in the end, it’s worth it for a car that’s a beauty on the inside and out, offering one of the most enjoyable experiences available in the small SUV category.


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