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Shark FlexStyle And HyperAir Review From A Beginner Leave a comment


After mostly drying my hair with the HyperAIR 2-in-1 Concentrator, I got to work. Though I learned to curl my hair with a curling wand and iron from my college roommate (god bless Maya), these autowrap curlers are a whole new ballgame. I started out by sectioning off my hair like I usually do when curling and using the 0.95″ Auto-Wrap Curlers. As I was starting off with my left side, I grabbed the curler marked ‘L’ and I easily snapped it onto the appliance, where it automatically set the heat and airflow settings.

The tricky part is actually getting the hang of using the device on your hair. You absolutely cannot just put it next to your hair and expect it to work. I highly recommend reading their provided guide, which contains a lot of good information on effectively using the FlexStyle. It recommended starting out by holding the middle of a 1/2- to 1-inch section of hair and letting the ends wrap around the curler. From there, the bottom of that strand wraps around the curler, after which you move the curler up to grab the rest of the strand. You have to be patient with the technique and not grab too much hair at once or it will mess up the curl. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it.

After doing my whole head, I really liked the curls. They were bouncy, curly, and cute and did indeed make me look like a toned-down version of Farrah Fawcett after some trial and error. Overall, it was pretty easy once, it was just a matter of curling my whole giant-ass head, aka the same problem that I encounter with a curling iron.

Another day, I tested out the oval brush to add some volume. Again, I began with rough-dried hair (achieved using a spray bottle). I followed the instructions for the oval brush, sectioning my hair, then moving down from my roots with a curling motion. (Beware, the brush is hot hot hot!) I did my whole thick head of hair in about 40 minutes, including the time it took to read the instructions. I was very impressed with the results: there was volume and zero frizz. Using the FlexStyle brush/dryer combo was way easier than when I tried to replicate what I’ve seen my mother do with an oval brush and hairdryer. It takes the thinking and coordination out of holding two separate tools, making it more efficient and very easy for a hair beginner to achieve nice-looking results.


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