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Wear Raffia Shoes, Bags, Accessories All Summer Long Leave a comment


This raffia takeover is notable for all the different ways this classic material is reinvented. Raffia, for example, is most commonly  seen in neutral or tan colors. But brands like Prada, have released their raffia accessories in bright and pastel colors, while Larroudé went the tropical goth way with matte black footwear. Seeing these displays of non-cliché raffia usage, I’ve renewed my hopes that this material — and its many siblings, that also include another palm tree-rooted textile, called rattan — can be taken out of their usual sceneries and hold a space in our wardrobes year-round. Not only because using our pieces regardless of the season may help wind down overconsumption, but because the woven construction and durability of raffia deserves a chance to shine when it’s not 80 degrees and sunny. 


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