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Workers Are Quitting And This Is The Top Reason Why Leave a comment


Even in the midst of a looming recession, unhappy workers are willing leave their jobs due to poor work-life balance.

A new report released on June 2 from FlexJobs revealed Forty-two percent of professionals that responded to the survey shared they were actively contemplating walking walking from their jobs if their mental health is at stake.

20% of those surveyed also shared they’d actually tendered their resignation.

A large portion of respondents stated they’d leave due to low pay and the issues caused by inflation.

An April report from The Muse similarly revealed the ongoing issue workers are willing to leave their jobs for.

The report showed that 75% of respondents are planning to look for a new job in the next 12 months, (up 10% from last year) despite more than half also believing they have less power in the market compared to the last few years. A possible explanation for this is that employees are increasingly placing value on work-life balance, and are willing to search around to get it.

“A huge takeaway from this survey is that the number-one reason employers lose top talent today is by neglecting to show how their company supports flexibility and work-life balance, which 70% of job seekers say is their biggest priority when considering a new role,” said The Muse CEO & Co-Founder Kathryn Minshew in a news release shared with ESSENCE. “The Muse was created specifically to solve for this challenge, as it’s the only values-based job-search platform where employers can leverage the top three factors job seekers say they look at to determine if a role is a good fit: testimonials from verified employees, in-depth job descriptions, and details on perks and benefits.”


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