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This is an exciting week astrologically, cosmic beings. It begins with the Gemini new moon taking place Sunday 18, just three days before the solstice and the start of Cancer Season. All zodiac signs would benefit from approaching life with the spirit of “the beginner’s mind” — assume you know nothing, and be open to learning everything. 

Saturn, the planet of challenge, spends its first full week retrograde in the sign of Pisces. We’re being invited to get in tune with our subconscious mind, thoughts, and dreams during this four and a half month retrograde. This also means making time for meditation and therapeutic activities rather than being overly focused on practical affairs. We’ll have greater planetary support once Cancer Season begins June 21, helping our heart chakras open up to love, healing, art, and intimacy. 

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Aries Sun & Rising:

Aries, the week begins with a new moon in Gemini on June 18, activating your communication sector. You’re likely to feel extra creative this week, especially with your planetary ruler Mars transiting through your fellow Fire sign of Aries. Your mission with this new moon is to find ways to remain focused and disciplined amidst all the activity happening around and within you. 

On Wednesday 21, Cancer Season begins on the day of the solstice. Your focus shifts to your home sector, encouraging you to give your family and close friends more attention, especially if you unintentionally pushed them away when Jupiter was in your sign during the first five months of the year. Consider this your cosmic fresh start. 

Taurus Sun & Rising:

Taurus, this week’s Gemini new moon lights up your sector of money and abundance. With Mercury, planet of communication, also in Gemini at the same time, you’ll be struck with a lightning bolt of inspiration regarding how to increase or diversify your income these next six months. Keep a journal or notepad by your side this week, because your mind will be more intellectually stimulated than usual. 

The solstice strikes June 21, and this marks the start of Cancer Season. Your communication sector will become more of a priority for you these next four weeks, allowing you to further tap into the powers of vulnerability and sensitivity when connecting with others. You may have several heart-to-hearts this week — allow yourself to get your true feelings off your chest.

Gemini Sun & Rising:

Happy new moon, Gemini! On June 18, the new moon occurs in your sign and encourages you to revamp any part of your life or relationships that have felt stagnant or unfulfilling. Pretend that you have a magic genie that can grant you a certain number of wishes — what’s the first wish that comes to mind? Focus on allowing that visualization to come true, by getting specific about what it will feel like to experience it. 

On Wednesday 21, the Sun leaves your sign and enters Cancer for the next four weeks. Mercury will still be in your sign until 26th though, making it feel like Gemini season is still in motion. Yet Cancer Season is urging you to slow down and get in touch with your values. You’ve had so many awakenings lately — what do you want to do with what you’ve learned?

Cancer Sun & Rising:

There’s a potent new moon in Gemini taking place at the start of the week, Cancer, and as a sign ruled by the moon, you’ll particularly feel the effects of this lunation throughout the rest of June. Your spiritual mindset and beliefs are being re-evaluated, and while at first that can make you feel uncertain, it will ultimately help you deepen your curiosity and sense of wonder for what spirituality and being alive really means to you. 

Your self-analysis is occurring in divine timing, as your solar return season begins June 21 when the Sun leaves Gemini and enters Cancer for the next four weeks. While your more introverted side may initially take precedence due to the recent start of Saturn retrograde in Pisces, as the week continues to go by you’ll be inspired by Venus and Mars’ presence in Leo and you’ll allow yourself to be seen, honored, and celebrated.

Leo Sun & Rising:

Leo, now that Saturn is retrograde in Pisces, your sector of depth, mergers, and intimacy is activated. You may be feeling more nostalgic or pensive as the week begins, but at the same time, the Gemini new moon occurs on 18th and lights up your friendship sector, initiating a conflict between your desire to be with yourself and other people’s desires to be with you. 

With Venus and Mars both in Leo right now, allow yourself to be unapologetically selfish, as long as you aren’t harming anyone in the process. Do what feels right — everyone else will adjust. 

Cancer Season and the solstice starts June 21, and the next four weeks will be about letting yourself be more vulnerable with your own self first and foremost. What truths have you been denying about yourself, within yourself? The Sun in Cancer will highlight moments when being your toughest critic does you more harm than good. Consider being your biggest cheerleader instead, without necessarily seeking validation from others.

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Virgo, now that Saturn is retrograde in your opposite sign of Pisces, you’re better able to pinpoint your needs in relationships, because the Universe is making you face recurring lessons in your life. Pay attention to what people closest to you are communicating with 

you this week, especially since it’s also a Gemini new moon week. The conversations and connections that occur under this lunar influence will throw you out of your comfort zone — and this is exactly what you need right now. 

Cancer Season begins June 21 and harmonizes well with your Virgo nature. Your friendships become even more of a priority for you these next four weeks, so pour into them and allow yourself to be poured into as well. The Water sign energy in the cosmos helps you talk things out with people you may have had a falling out with. Pluto’s retrograde in Capricorn allows you to put things in perspective and remain centered as we enter a new season.

Libra Sun & Rising:

Libra, this week will feel like a breath of fresh air, largely thanks to the new moon in Gemini that takes place June 18th, and will continue to be felt throughout the rest of the month. When you combine this energy with your planetary ruler Venus’ presence in Leo, a new and previously undisclosed side of you is likely to emerge under this new moon energy — it’s a great time to switch up your look or recreate yourself in whatever way you choose. 

On June 21, the solstice strikes, marking the start of Cancer Season. For you, this transit helps you look at your professional path with more empathy. Instead of holding on to societal notions of where you’re “supposed” to be, let this solstice remind you that just like nature, you operate based on cycles. Why force yourself to operate linearly when just like the wind, you at times move in sudden and unpredictable gusts? Let this solstice reinvigorate you from the inside-out by reminding you to trust the process.

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

Take a deep breath, Scorpio. Then another. Then another. This week’s Gemini new moon activates your sector of mergers and intimacy. Since Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in the sign of Gemini, the most essential partnership you should be focused on this week is your connection to the element of Air. Invite lightness and a fresh, calm breeze into your life. Set new moon intentions that feel freeing, and follow through on them. Allow yourself to be reborn with each breath you take. 

Once the solstice strikes this Wednesday 21 and Cancer Season begins, you’ll feel focused on welcoming new energy in your life. The second half of the week is best for planning a dream trip or letting yourself imagine one into existence. It’s time to see new worlds and widen your perspective on life. Say yes to fresh starts and new beginnings.

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Sag, this week’s Gemini new moon helps you look at your relationships from a new set of eyes. It’s essential that you remain open to the plot twists that could occur this week, especially since it’s Saturn’s first full week retrograde in Pisces, activating your domestic sector. Revelations regarding your family or home life are likely to be made around this time. 

If you’re seeking to move soon, or if you want to redecorate your home, this retrograde, combined with the new moon energy, could provide ideal opportunities. The key is to pace yourself and make sure the choices you make are in alignment with what your really want. 

Cancer Season begins June 21, and the solstice helps you ease your way into the second half of 2023. Now that your planetary ruler Jupiter is in the Earth sign of Taurus, it may feel like the cosmos is giving you no choice but to slow your roll and evaluate the many paths that exist before you. Can you allow yourself to commit to one set path for the next year and see what rewards such discipline could yield?

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

Capricorn, your planetary ruler, Saturn, spends its first full week retrograde in the sign of Pisces. You’ll start the week off on a more mellow note than usual, and this is also due to the Gemini new moon which occurs June 18 and encourages you to not take yourself or life too seriously. Instead of piling your week with lengthy tasks to complete, consider simplifying your week altogether by canceling or rescheduling some engagements and letting yourself daydream instead. 

Once the solstice takes place on June 21 — which also signifies the start of Cancer Season — you’ll notice that your admirers suddenly feel the urge to gravitate closer to you and make themselves known. If the feeling is mutual, you’re encouraged to make more time for intimacy and vulnerability, as the Sun’s presence in Cancer combined with Venus and Mars in Leo help deepen your levels of trust and authenticity in your closest bonds. Simply put: practice letting love in, Capricorn. And remember that you are love. 

Aquarius Sun & Rising:

Aquarius, this week you’re adjusting to Pluto no longer being in your sign (until January 2024). The Gemini new moon strikes on 18th, reminding you of the power of embracing the present moment rather than getting too caught up in the past or future. Set new moon intentions that are connected with your ability to remain present and self aware throughout life’s unexpected events. Pluto in Capricorn will throw you for a loop in several ways these next four months, particularly in ways that others won’t be able to outwardly notice… 

Once Cancer Season begins on 21st, you’re encouraged to tap into the solstice energy to purify yourself from past mistakes or deceptions. Saturn, your planetary ruler, is spending its first week retrograde in Pisces. This energy can initially feel uncomfortable for you as it increases your sensitivity, but it’ll also help you ask for forgiveness and forgive others in ways you previously would’ve declared impossible. Growth looks great on you, Water Bearer. 

Pisces Sun & Rising:

Pisces, this first week of Saturn’s retrograde through your sign has you feeling extra psychic. Since the Gemini new moon energy kicks off the week on 18th, you’re likely to direct your sensitivity toward intellectual and creative initiatives. Your mind will be racing with ideas and insights, and while this will be inspiring for you and those around you, you could easily burn yourself out, especially since Mars and Venus are both in the fiery sign of Leo. Your mission this new moon week is to find a balance between adventurousness and silence. There are lessons to be learned from both realms. 

Cancer Season begins on 21st, marking the solstice. This nurturing Water sign energy is just what you’ve been seeking — it’s a therapeutic invitation to be present with your feelings, without shame. The second half of the week is likely to amp up your imagination, encouraging you to let your inner child out to play. ‘Tis the season for claiming the spotlight, Pisces!

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