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5 Hot Summer Makeup Tips That Leveled-Up My Routine Leave a comment


When you add a complexion product like foundation or concealer, your impulse might be to grab a makeup sponge (mine was for a long time). But Stevie Rose Adams, a makeup artist and lead educator for Saie, says that a brush is a better tool for foundation application because of the formulation of many complexion products. “If your makeup is free of silicones, a sponge is going to soak up the product,” Adams explains. Makeup that contains silicones — like dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane, two of the most commonly found — is safe from being absorbed because the chemical structure of silicones as a polymer, but an increasing number of foundations today are formulated without silicones, which means a sponge may soak up the product and require you to use more.


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