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“While I have big, bald plans for Lumi (face, underarms, my big toe), I started small with a test patch on my thigh, just above my knee. I already wax my upper legs because, well, I did it once and got hooked — the level of smoothness can’t compete with shaving. But such smoothness is, of course, temporary, and you have to let the hair grow in quite a bit before it’s waxable. I hadn’t had a wax in over a month in the before photo, although my hair now grows more sparsely than it used to from years of semi-regular waxing (RIP hair follicles). The instructions say to shave before using Lumi, so I did that first. Then I tried the most simple of its three modes: Stamp. It’s essentially point-and-click hair removal. Place the device on the area you want to treat, and click the Pulse button. Although it was flush against my skin, a bright red light leapt out. It was bright. Very bright. Was it so bright I shouldn’t look directly at it? No. I reread the instructions: Short of photosensitive epilepsy or other sensitivity to flashing light lights, it is safe. Still, I kept my glance just askew when I started the Lumi back up. It did not hurt, but when I turned Lumi to Auto mode, which is recommended for larger areas like legs, I felt a rising heat. This is probably because Auto mode plays with intensity levels (there are six), and I had previously kept it at Level 1).

I didn’t love Auto mode — it’s activated by holding the Pulse button down until the Intensity Level lights are blinking. The pulses (and accompanying red light) come every second, and it all felt a bit fast and furious. I wouldn’t write Auto mode off, but I would recommend waiting until you’re comfortable with the device to experiment with it. The second time I tried Lumi, I played more with intensity levels, going up to level 4 out of 6. The warm sensation does seem to increase as you go up in levels, which is why I preferred to play with intensity in Stamp mode — I felt 100% in control.

I also tried the Glide mode, which allows you to roll the device over skin without changing intensities, making it faster than Stamp and more controlled than Auto. Both times I used Lumi, I moisturized afterward as the instructions recommend and my stupidly sensitive skin cooperated. I last used it three days ago, and hair is starting to grow back. (It’s hard to see, but I can definitely feel it.) I don’t know if it’s actually less than would normally grow, but it’s minimal and I lean toward less.”

Colleen Barrett, Freelance Affiliate Editor


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