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I Tried Scrub Daddy’s Damp Duster & Love It Leave a comment


Albeit specific, this was my first question upon receiving, opening, and even using *gasp* the sponge. The answer, however, is in the ridges and the rinse. Scrub Daddy designed this sponge to effortlessly collect dust with its half-cylinder design, dampness, parallel grooves, and mysterious material (it feels like if foam and a smooth obsidian pebble had a squishy baby). But it also ensured it would survive swipe after swipe with a few trips to the faucet in between. Technically one could do the same with a microfiber towel, but after a certain point, throwing them in the wash is inevitable. From what I can tell after swiping my refrigerator, shelves, baseboards, and more, the Damp Duster comes out clean after a few water rinses and squeezes in the sink. Did I mention it’s pre-moistened right out of the bag?


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