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Peso Pluma’s Génesis & Regional Mexican Music’s Revival Leave a comment


He’s not the only one. There’s a lot of excitement around the Guadalajara-born artist’s musical ascension. Peso Pluma is, in many ways, the poster boy for regional Mexican music’s revival. Although regional Mexican, which encompasses genres like banda, rancheras, and corridos, has been around for centuries, its marked horns and percussions have largely been relegated to family house parties; the ones where the elders are dancing in the living room, while the cousins of various ages are listening to hip-hop and reggaeton in someone’s room. Not anymore. Peso Pluma’s raspy voice and mix of corridos tumbados with Latin trap is heard from clubs, to car speakers, and now, to U.S. arenas. As we talk, the talent is getting ready for a show in New Orleans. 


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